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As architects, we pay particular attention not only to the visual storytelling of the reading materials we present our children with but also to the message coming through.


We are keen to pass on information about creative thinking, environmental issues, or diversity to help our little ones achieve a more holistic understanding of their environment.  I hope some of these titles inspire you just as much as they inspired us, and help you build a library that will help shape unique moments and points of conversation with your children.


A selection of titles on a wide variety of topics ranging from architecture, gender equality, and design to motherhood, anthropology, and child development.

While no book will provide a step-by-step guide on how to navigate motherhood or raise children, some of these titles helped me carve out a personal approach to parenting and gain some insight into the changes I was and still am experiencing.

As I was stepping into my new role as a mother and felt my professional identity was challenged, it was between the pages of many of  these books and essays that I re-discovered my design direction and gained more perspective on my role as a professional within the field of architecture.


The following list is a selection of films and documentaries covering a broad range of architectural topics and more.


Whether architecture plays a central role in the storytelling or if it merely forms the backdrop across which fictional stories or biographies unfold, each story challenges us to look beyond the medium of the screen and get inspired.


The design-minded parent will find inspiration in this selection of timeless toys and objects that display not only aesthetic and material qualities but also a thoughtful approach to durability and adaptability to different kinds of play.


In a world swarming with garish, flashing gadgets and poorly-made, visually loud designs, it is essential to filter out the unnecessary and focus on a range of carefully selected toys that will form the foundation for our children’s learning environment. Not only will this encourage children to interact creatively with their surroundings but also to develop an appreciation for the toys they do receive and engage in longer periods of play.

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