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A Conversation with Petit Architect's Maïa Tarassoff.

On sustainabilty, motherhood, adapting to the professional and cultural setting of a new country and facing the unknowns of setting up a business on your own.

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Prof. Despina Stratigakos bridges the gap on mothers in architecture

Are mothers fit for the job? (Why) is there a resistance towards the feminine and the maternal in the field of architecture, and where does it stem from?

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A conversation with

Art Play Children Learning author, Dr Louisa Penfold

...on the importance of materials in sensory-based play, designing for children and boosting their emotional well-being as society opens up.


Q&A with Lora Teagarden, architect & author

The Little Architect's Alphabet takes a fun yet educational approach to learning letters while introducing our little ones to design and architecture concepts early on. 


Doula+Architect Kim Holden’s perspectives on designing life & space

A conversation with doula + architect Kim Holden on the importance of support systems, the mission of her new practice Doula x Design and the impact of the pandemic on the birthing experience.

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